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Experience, high-tech production and unique welding technology make us sure we deliver a quality product. We therefore guarantee the stainless steel pressure tank for 5 years when a specialist installs the dispenser.

OSO Hotwater AS (hereinafter called OSO) warrants for 2 years from the date of purchase, that the Product will: i) conform to OSO specification, ii) be free from defects in materials and workmanship, subject to conditions below. All components carry a 2-year warranty.

The warranty is voluntarily extended by OSO to 5 years for the stainless steel inner tank. This extended warranty only applies to Products purchased by a consumer, that has been installed for private use and that has been distributed by OSO or by a distributor where the Products have been originally sold by OSO.

The extended warranty does not apply to Products purchased by commercial entities or for Products that have been installed for commercial use. These shall be subject only to the mandatory provisions of the law. The conditions and limitations set out below shall apply.


If a defect arises and a valid claim is received within the statutory warranty period, at its option and to the extent permitted by law, OSO shall either; i) repair the defect, or; ii) replace the product with a product that is identical or similar in function, or; iii) refund the purchase price.


If a defect arises and a valid claim is received after the statutory warranty period has expired, but within the extended warranty period, OSO will supply a product that is identical or similar in function. OSO will in such cases not cover any other associated costs.


Any exchanged Product or component will become the legal property of OSO. Any valid claim or service does not extend the original warranty. The replacement Product or part does not carry a new warranty.


The Product is manufactured to suit most public water supplies. However, there are certain water chemistries (outlined below) that can have a detrimental effect on the Product and its life expectancy. If there are uncertainties regarding water quality, the local water supply authority can supply the necessary data. The warranty applies only if the conditions set out below are met in full:

  • The Product has been installed by a professional installer, in accordance with the instructions in the installation manual and all relevant Codes of Practice and Regulations in force at the time of installation.
  • The Product has not been modified in any way, tampered with or subjected to misuse and no factory fitted parts have been removed for unauthorized
  • The Product has only been connected to a domestic mains water supply in compliance with the European Drinking Water Directive EN 98/83 EC, or latest version. The water should not be aggressive, i.e. the water chemistry shall comply with the following:
  • Chloride                                            < 250 mg / L
  • Electric Conductivity (EC) @25°C    < 750 µS / cm
  • Saturation Index (LSI) @80°C          > – 1,0 / < 0,8
  • pH level                                            > 6,0 / < 9,5
  • The immersion heater has not been exposed to hardness levels exceeding 10°dH (180 ppm CaCO3). A water softener is recommended in such cases.
  • Any disinfection has been carried out without affecting the Product in any way whatsoever. The Product shall be isolated from any system chlorination.
  • The Product has been in regular use from the date of installation. If the Product is not intended to be used for 60 days or more, it must be drained.
  • Service and/or repair shall be done according to the installation manual and all relevant codes of practice. Any replacement parts used shall be original OSO spare parts.
  • Any third-party costs associated with any claim has been authorized in advance by OSO in writing.
  • The purchase invoice and/or installation invoice, a water sample as well as the defective product is made available to OSO upon request.
  • Failure to follow these instructions and conditions may result in product failure, and water escaping from the Product.

Garantien dekker ikke:

  • Enhver form for feil eller kostnad som oppstår som følge av ukorrekt installasjon eller bruk, manglende vedlikehold, forsømmelse, misbruk, endring eller reparasjon utført på feil måte eller enhver feil som oppstår som følge av endring av produktet fra sin originale form. 
  • Noen form for følgeskader eller indirekte tap som følge av Produktfeil eller manglende leveranse fra Produktet.
  • Enhver skade forårsaket av frost, overtrykk, overspenning, tørrkoking eller klorbehandling. 
  • Feil forbundet med stillestående vann dersom Produktet ikke har vært i bruk på > 60 dager i strekk.
  • Tilkoblet røropplegg eller utstyr tilkoblet Produktet.
  • Transportskader. Transportøren skal gjøres oppmerksom på slike skader ved mottak.
  • Kostnader som følge av at produktet ikke er enkelt tilgjengelig for service.

Denne garantien begrenser ikke Kjøpers lovbestemte rettigheter på noen måte.


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Declaration of Conformity